Ensuring a successful and secure fishing trip is a honor to us.

JigiCoach organizes guided fishing trips to the most beautiful and fish-rich lakes in northern Central Finland. During the trips, you will be fishing at the best fishing spots using top-level equipment. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced fisher, you will have an unforgettable fishing and nature experience.

At JigiCoach’s fishing trips, a diverse array of enthusiasts will find enjoyment – from lone anglers in pursuit of peaceful fishing experiences, to fishing companions sharing their passion, couples looking for a unique bonding experience, or parents and grandparents introducing the joys of fishing to their young ones. Each trip is crafted to cater to the varied interests and dynamics of our guests, ensuring a memorable experience for all. The trips do not require prior fishing experience but are also well suited for experienced anglers who want to deepen their knowledge or refine their technique.

The magnificent Finnish lake nature is a central part of our trips, and we always act with respect for nature. We use single-barbed hooks to minimize harm to the fish and recommend catching medium-sized fish. Others are released unharmed to ensure the sustainable growth of fish populations.

JigiCoach’s fishing guide is Marko Pollari, who specializes in 2-3 person jig fishing trips. With over 40 years of experience in fishing and competitive angling, Marko is highly familiar with various rod fishing techniques, but jig fishing in particular has captured his heart. Jig fishing is active, offers a sure catch, and is undoubtedly the most exciting form of fishing. On these trips, Marko will unveil the secrets of jigging in simple terms and elevate your skills to a new level – try it, and we guarantee you’ll be hooked from the start.

Marko has completed a certified fishing guide vocational qualification (AT). He holds current First Aid Courses 1 and 2, a rental boat driver’s license, a lifesaver certificate, a hygiene passport, and a fishing guide license issued by the ELY Centre.

What on earth is jig fishing

Jig fishing is a form of active casting fishing that offers limitless opportunities to develop as a fisherman. It has been practiced in Finland since the 1990s. The Finns are among the world’s best in precision jigging. The popularity of jig fishing is increasing year by year.

In jig fishing, the lure used is a jig made of silicone, resembling a worm or a fish. Fish are located using various sounding techniques. The jig is manipulated with different reeling and rod techniques to provoke the fish to strike.

Getting started in jig fishing can be done with relatively small investments and with the help of a skilled guide and a successful fishing trip, it is possible to improve rapidly.

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Marko Pollari, Fishing guide, entrepreneur

Customer Feedback

”A genuinely passionate guide enjoys what they do, so it positively reflects on the customer. Live fishing has interested me, and now I got to see how effective it can be in skilled hands. Plenty of fish were caught to take home, and my old modest perch record was broken. After fishing, I even got a filleting lesson. So, here the customer both enjoys and learns. Strong recommendation!!” – Joni

”Three fishing buddies set out on an expedition for big fish jigging. We didn’t have high expectations other than spending a great weekend immersed in fishing. Our guide, Marko, performed exceptionally and professionally both on land and on the lake. We all caught plenty of fish, and the records of each angler were broken multiple times. I warmly recommend Marko’s services to every angler who wants to enjoy fishing and learn from a professional. ” – Mikko

”Fishing with a jig is at its best under the guidance of Marko Pollari, even I caught fish. Highly recommended! -Pena

”Last summer, I went on two trips to the small lakes around Viitasaari with Marko. Especially the zander jigging at Suotajärvi provided a catch rate that is rarely seen. The zanders were also reasonably sized, so breaking the 45 cm size limit was easy.

The trip to Lahnanen later in the fall was more challenging, and zanders remained a dream that time. However, we caught plenty of pikes and especially perch, once we found the right spot and lures. Nothing but good things to say about Marko’s guidance, expertise, and equipment. Strongly recommended! -Jari”

”Despite having several fishing days together, Marko’s enthusiasm, commitment, and above all, his knowledge and skills in fishing continue to amaze me. For those interested in jig fishing and the use of electronics in fishing, there’s certainly more than enough information available. Big recommendation!” -Jaska

”An amazing surprise how one can catch fish with such brief guidance. The professional’s clear advice was easy to absorb. ”-Niklas

”I was positively surprised by the high quality of Marko’s equipment and his professional approach in guidance. We had a nice catch, and the overall trip was successful. When heading home, the catch was conveniently provided in a box as fillets. ”-Simo

”An awesome jig fishing trip on Lake Keitele. Target fish perch and zander, were brilliantly found with the help of an expert guide. The fishing trip is well suited for beginners like myself, as well as for more experienced fishermen. You always learn something new with the guide. Strong recommendation.” -Tuomas

”On the fishing trip, I gained a lot of information about jig fishing and even caught some zander. Marko expertly guided me in cleaning the zander. The food was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and safe.” -Seppo

Lakeside Cottage Accommodation

You can stay in our cozy, small lakeside cottage, which is brand new with furnishings. The cottage has a kitchen equipped with basic utensils, a microwave, and a fridge/freezer, two single beds and a convertible sofa bed.

At the cottage’s shoreline, there’s a charming wood-heated sauna. The sauna has a terrace which offers a beautiful view of Lake Keitele.

Book your relaxing cottage vacation now at, info@jigicoach.fi

  • 1 person 35€
  • 2 persons 70€
  • 3 persons 100€
  • 4 persons 115€
Additional services:
  • Bed sheets + towel 15€/person
  • Sauna for 2 hours, price €30″

Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers

1. Where can fishing guidance be provided?

Fishing guidance is available throughout the Northern Central Finland region, including lakes Keitele, Kolima, Kuhnamo, Muurue and Suotajärvi. The company JigiCoach is physically located in Suolahti, but the service can also be ordered for other lakes in the area.

2. What do I need to bring for the trip

For the trip, it’s advisable to dress according to the weather. Sunglasses and a cap provide additional protection. Sometimes rain and wind can surprise you on the water, and it’s nice not to get completely soaked. The fishing permit  must be paid. If you need help with this, please mention it in advance.

3. Is it possible to keep and take home fish caught from the lake?

Yes, if you wish! We can keep fish within the legal size limits for consumption. Remember that there are recommended size limits for zander, perch, and pike. The guide can process the fish into fillets at the end of the trip if you desire.

4. Is it allowed to consume alcohol during the trip?

Yes, within reasonable limits. Remember, the fishing experience becomes unforgettable if we leave the bottles on the shore!

5. How and what will we be fishing for?

Before setting off, we will select together the best possible jig fishing style suitable for the current season and taking into account the group’s previous fishing experience. The fishing guide ensures that the day proceeds smoothly and that you catch fish while learning something new about the art of jigging!

6. What kind of equipment do you have?

JigiCoach (Marko Pollari) uses a Tracker Superguide sc16 as the boat, which is equipped with top-notch gear for fishing.

7. How much does the fishing cost?

The products with their prices are located in the ’Fishing Trips’ menu. You can also quickly get a price from the company by requesting a quote, specifying the number of participants, date, duration, location and your contact information. Sending a quote request is easy, for example via email: info@jigicoach.fi

8. Is it safe on the water?

Yes, it is. A professional guide takes care of safety. The boat is equipped with the necessary equipment according to water traffic regulations. The boat is also regularly maintained and always fueled for your convenience. The boat also has appropriate life jackets for everyone on board, regardless of size.

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